Within the confines of this blog it is my intention to discuss recruitment methods, practices, market conditions and helpful hints for those on the job hunt. Feel free to post any suggestions for subjects moving forward that you would like covered, discussed, dissected/generally torn to pieces.

I work as a Senior Consultant within the field of IT Recruitment in Auckland, New Zealand. I am presently employed by 920. Any potential candidates looking to move jobs within the IT space feel free to get in touch and discuss current vacancies and what we can do for you. I can be found through our company website, my LinkedIn profile (which can be found here: http://nz.linkedin.com/in/tabithaflack) or follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/tabithaflack

Along with recruitment I have a general interest in social media as you may be able to tell… I run a LinkedIN page, a Twitter profile, this blog – all specifically focusing around my business persona. Outside of this I am a semi-professional entertainer, music aficionado, junior master chef, and burgeoning property mogul – or so I like to think. I have run seminars based on Social Media for Recruitment previously, along with speaking around my own personal approach to Social Media. Just because my day job doesn’t keep me busy enough… (please read with an appropriate level of sarcasm in your tone).

The views expressed herewith are solely my own, opinions expressed are not necessarily shared by others – or perhaps not loudly at least. And I reserve the right to backtrack on any firm stand point I take. As Socrates said “Wisest is he who knows what he does not know”.

Happy Reading!


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