Is your CV not getting the attention you think it deserves? This may be why…


Quick and simple really when you think about it. Most internal and agency recruiters want to focus their efforts on the candidates who appear to most closely match the brief they are looking to fill. Now I know I have mentioned this before, but I think it is worth mentioning again – Recruiters and Line Managers are not mind readers. If you have skills and experience that are crucial for a role, that you have failed to mention in your CV, or have buried these making no effort to highlight them in a cover letter or otherwise, that is actually your own responsibility. Most vacancies I have come across recently are looking for highly specialised skill sets, and because of this if you want people to stand up and take notice of your resume you need to really highlight your applicable skills. This is a growing trend in the marketplace, not a blip, and definitely something worth taking into consideration if you would like the smoothest transition from your current into your next role.

Whilst a generalist CV makes sense if you are uploading your details for consideration of upcoming positions, or registering yourself for job alerts. If you are applying for a specific role, with clear requirements laid out within the advertising, ask yourself quickly have I demonstrated my knowledge and experience in these areas within the CV I am sending through? Trust me, I know it may seem like a real hassle but investing realistically a small amount of time now, very likely will pay dividends in your favour. You may think that it is best to present your full capabilities when you arrive for an interview but I think most are failing to realise that without giving this information upfront, you will likely miss the opportunity to actually progress to that stage. And contrary to what your initial reaction to this may be, this isn’t people being lazy, nor is it bad recruiting practise, it is reflective of how time poor most people are (and also the lack of aforementioned mind reading). If you want to set yourself up for success you need to present a path of least resistance – a customised resume!

Also I can guarantee you that most line managers won’t want to read through a CV which doesn’t present any of the essential skills they are searching for on the basis that you will tell them about your abilities in these areas at a later stage. That is not presenting yourself as the self-motivated, informative, engaged, helpful, team player that they no doubt are wanting to bring on. It also isn’t showing real tangible interest from your end around one specific position, merely your interest in getting away from where you currently are. What kind of message is that to send a potential employer? Think about it, if you were in their shoes what would your response to this be? In a perfect world, each and every candidate would be given full consideration, all would be given courtesy phone calls, a good selection would be short listed and interviewed and given full opportunity to present their entire skill set, in a non-pressured environment. But perfection in job hunting isn’t on the table just yet unfortunately. One day maybe. But until that day, don’t shoot the messenger and let’s give ‘the man’ what he is looking for.

Happy Job Hunting!


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