Are you a cool customer or about to hulk out?

It may sound like a strange question to ask in the realm of job hunting, but keep reading because you will quickly understand why it is such an important one to consider.

Do you quickly lose your cool? Are you someone who has little time for idiots? Can’t be bothered repeating yourself to others? It’s clearly their issue that they weren’t listening the first time. Or perhaps you are just tightly wound, and consider yourself above most of the rest of the human population. Have I wound you up yet?

There are several reasons that I highlight all of this, and you may already be aware of the job interview fail below which went viral. Which of course should be a lesson to all as Reason #1 to be a decent human being at all times, especially when you are job hunting.

But my core reason for wanting to highlight this is something that happens in interviews far more frequently. Candidates being asked repeated questions which cover the same ground, and being asked to explain complex tasks in simplified terms. Now you may think this is annoying. You may get annoyed with your ‘stupid recruiter’ who doesn’t know what they are talking about. You may think about tossing the towel in because this company is clearly wasting your precious time, repeatedly covering the same ground. But have you stopped to think that there might actually be an extremely clever reason for them doing this? And no it’s not to waste your time, but to get you to show your true colours before offering you an employment contract.

This is basically a 5 minute litmus test: When put in a trying situation how do you react? Do you calmly cover the material requested in a polite and easily understood manner, or do you look down your nose at the querying individual and brush them off? Would you do that with a customer or a manager? What do you do in a work situation when things start heading south- fly off the handle? If you think about it, this is a pretty easy, and actually beautiful way to gain an insight into your emotional state of mind, and how you react to trying circumstances. Or not even trying situations sometimes, just those that you deem below you.

If you can’t explain a complex tool or task in simplified terms when asked on the fly, will you be able to assist less technically knowledgeable employees within the same business? Will you really be able to add true value in any role, high pressure or not? This is something to really seriously consider with so many businesses now focusing heavily on culture fit for all new hires. Are you presenting yourself as the sort of personality they want on their team?

So perhaps if you do fall under this category you might want to think about some ways that you can calm yourself down, and not just in job interviews but for the benefit of your whole life. Some deep breaths or even meditation might go a lot further than you would think.

Just something to think about before you next flip someone the bird. Happy Job Hunting!



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