Job Hunting as Problem Solving

Things have been going well lately, and I thought it was time to say thank you to all the candidates and clients who have been open to the information provided, open with their communications around expectations, other interviews being attended, and open to feedback around tailoring their CV to ensure it isn’t just dreamily glazed over, but hungrily devoured.

Job hunting is a tough process no matter what angle you are approaching it from. Whether you are the candidate searching for a new role, the recruiter trying to present candidates to a client, or the client searching for a new employee (line manager or HR representative). Everyone has their own MO when it comes to this process, whether you want to keep it in house, make sure your current boss has no idea you are searching, or are looking to hit a sales target you need to understand that there is a problem present within this situation and one that a solution needs to be focused on, and found.

Issues seem a lot more surmountable when you focus on the end goal rather than the potential enormity of the task at hand. And I know many will agree that job hunting can seem like a mammoth task. Essentially job hunting is problem solving. For a candidate that may be solving the problem of how do I better cover my costs, or better maintain my mental health by finding a better working environment. For a hiring manager it is solving the problem of being a team member down, so overloading your other staff (or perhaps yourself), or bringing specialist skills into your team to broaden your capabilities and potentially bring more value add to your company. For a recruiter it can be a bit of a round peg, square hole exercise, more often than not the problem solving is (for me any way) my client requires this skill set which is very hard to find in the current market, so how do I find them some awesome candidate options in a timely manner?

If you take a step back and view things in this way I think that it can take a lot of the scare factor out for candidates, and maybe help put some more firm parameters in place around your wish list from the client side? Particularly if you are a nervous interviewer, going in thinking these guys are looking to solve a problem, so I need to present myself in a way that shows I can alleviate this pain is going to be very attractive to them. And hopefully calm those jitters! I think if you have a focus like this it is easier to think of what information you can provide that is going to be of real tangible interest to the employer.

If you dig a little deeper to find the problem trying to be solved at hand (particularly for all you candidates out there) you will be able to present yourself in the best light and as the solution to that problem for the employer. Ask questions, find out what the issues are that the company are trying to resolve and then tailor your responses to show how you could help. Good problem solving is always a skill high in demand! Take the focus away from potential obstacles, and focus instead on the positives, and what you bring to the table. Back yourself and you might be surprised by the outcomes!

Happy Job Hunting!


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