Counter offers are counter productive

Cutting off your nose, to spite your face

There is always an underlying reason why someone would look to start job hunting. It may be because of the gruelling hours in your current occupation, it may be that you feel you are under utilised or appreciated, you may have a tyrant boss, or it may be that you are looking for less of a daily commute. Regardless of what your reason is, everybody has one. You don’t start looking for a job just because. There is always an impetus, a key driver, and this is why counter offers are a waste of everyone’s time. A counter offer provided by your current employer will not remove the reason why you were looking in the first place.

When you start to look for a new position, whether you engage a recruiter to help in your search or not, you invest a lot of your own time and effort into applying for positions, researching companies, aligning job descriptions with your skill set, interviewing, organising referees, and biting your fingernails waiting for an offer to come through. You involve a range of people, and their time and effort also in taking you through this process. Hiring is not a tick box exercise, and if you interview with someone who is treating it like it is, I can guarantee it won’t work out. People are complex, and in order to ensure you are effectively matched and challenged within a role, there needs to be intelligent process employed. All that investment, for you to then turn around after being made an offer, saying you’ve been counter offered ten grand more, is not only highly frustrating, but not really in your best interests. Think about it. Should the only factor you are looking to improve upon be your pay packet; job done. Otherwise you will continue to be unhappy where you are, because none of the other motivating factors that caused you to look for a new role, will have been addressed. Not to mention the bitter taste you will have left in the mouth of the company you were courting.

Be smart New Zealand is a small market and people talk. But more importantly, for your own sake, ensure you have identified to your own satisfaction what the reasons are for you wanting to make a move. And if you are fortunate enough to receive a counter offer from your current employer – STOP and THINK. Does this actually address the reasons why you wanted to move? If not, why would you accept? Job hunting is tough, we all know that. So why on earth would you want to put yourself through that process again in 3-6 months, when those reasons rear their ugly heads again outweighing your increased pay packet? Think about your personal brand, and think about your sanity. Where are you better off long term?

Happy Job Hunting!


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