You don’t get anywhere with word puzzles when you don’t give clues…

When you say you are a ‘Principal’ no further information, I think of primary schools (elementary level if you are hailing from North America). It does not automatically get my mind whirring with thoughts of multi million dollars sales, building executive level relationships, heading large IT projects or anything at all glamourous. I think about snot nosed kids, screaming, and people singing alphabet songs. Not that I am down on kids, not at all. But in a CV if you write your job title as Principal I really don’t have any other avenues to automatically curtail down.


Word associations are different for everyone and so whilst I think apples another person will think pears, and in the end rather than a unified approach, we end up with fruit salad. Not a bad thing if you are looking for a little variation in your life, but if you are trying to communicate your capabilities within your resume, this is probably not the best approach. Yes ok you need a Job Title, but as we have discussed before this does not always refer to what you have actually done within the course of a role. In this situation it might not even give us a point of reference within your chosen industry. Now this is prime territory to get your CV thrown straight in the bin.

If you want people to know you possess a specific skill set, you need to spell it out for them. After looking through masses of CV’s they can all start to look the same, so do yourself and the hiring manager a favour, be specific and get yourself in front of a line manager for an interview!

Think about it. Great you are an Executive, brilliant for you. But is that of a sales team, or of the mailroom? Happy Job Hunting.


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